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Mission, Vision and Values

CODUPO – Center of Excellence in Business started its business in 2010. Today, we help companies and organizations achieve the highest business standards by offering them business consulting, auditing, training and education in the field of Compliance and Ethics, ISO standards, Risk management, Organizational culture of happy and engaged employees and Leadership development.

Codupo offers everything you need for an effective Compliance program in one place! WE ARE A ONE-STOP SHOP FOR COMPLIANCE, RISK & INTEGRITY.

Our desire is to be a reliable partner that provides added value to our clients and helps them establish high business standards.

Our Mission

Encourage business excellence and high business standards.

Our Vision

Be a reliable partner that contributes to the achievement of your goals.


OUR VALUES determine our culture and make a difference to what we do and how we do it.

  • Integrity

We are guided by the highest standards in business.

  • Innovation

We use innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Excellence

We strive to be the best at everything we do. 



Silvija Vig, Ph.D., CEO

  • Advisor, lecturer and author in the field of compliance and ethics, behavioral ethics, integrity, anti-corruption and organizational culture
  • More than twenty years of work experience in management positions in Croatia and the region
  • Ph.D. in Business Ethics, Faculty of Economics, Zagreb
  • Author of the book “Business Ethics – How to develop authentic leadership and build a culture of happy and engaged employees with ethics and compliance programs” – the first book in Croatian that explains in detail the implementation of effective ethics and compliance programs
  • Since 2009 she has lectured two courses at the University of Zagreb, she lectured at the Polytechnic for three years, and she was visiting lecturer for the postgraduate study at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb for thirteen years
  • Certified ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager
  • Certified ISO 37001 Lead Implementer and Auditor
  • Certified ISO 19600 Lead Compliance Manager
  • LPEC Certified – Leading Professional in Ethics and Compliance (ECI-USA)
  • CTT Certified – Cultural Transformation Consultant
  • NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner Coach, member of NLPEA – NLP Association of Excellence
  • Executive Coach, member of International Coach Federation – ICF
  • Member of the Commission for Combat Corruption and Corporate Social Responsibility of the International Chamber of Commerce – ICC Croatia
  • Pre-vetted expert of the Regional Anti-corruption Initiative – RAI





Speaker at the 3. ANNUAL WOMEN IN FINANCE CONFERENCE, Zagreb, organized by Women in Adria, November 2020 (Topic: CFO as a leader of ethics in the company)

Speaker and panel moderator on the International Fraud Awareness Week 2020, organized by Deloitte Croatia (November 2020). Host at the virtual event organized in cooperation with EBRD “How to Gain a Competitive Edge in a Global Marketplace” and moderator of the panel discussion “Business ethics and its value in current times“.

Speaker and panelist at the 6. ANNUAL BLED COMPLIANCE AND ETHICS CONFERENCE, Slovenia, October 2020 (Topic: How to Manage Compliance and Ethics Risks Imposed by Senior Managers? What Makes the Difference between the Good and the Bad Ones?)

Speaker on the webinar “How ethics and compliance interact, and what if one exists without another?”, Center for International Private Enterprise – CIPE, Washington, USA, June, 2020

Speaker and panelist at the SCCE’ s Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, September 2019 (Topic: Integrity in the Spotlight)

Participant on the CIPE Partner Meeting on the topic “Support for Ethical Business Practices in Europe and Eurasia”, Kyiv, Ukraine, November 2019

Speaker and panelist at the Slovak Compliance Days 2019, Bratislava, Czech Republic, November 2019 (Topic: Integrity -The Secret Ingredient You Should Be Adding to Your Compliance Program)

Panelist and facilitator of the round table discussion on the 3rd ANNUAL GLOBAL ANTI-CORRUPTION & COMPLIANCE FORUM AND HACKATHON, Berlin, Germany, December 2019

Panelist on the International Fraud Awareness Week organized by Deloitte Croatia and other partners at the Visoka poslovna skola PAR on topic “Women against corruption”, Rijeka, Croatia, November 2019

Panelist in the Discussion with highlights on Challenges and Opportunities in Implementing Integrity Principles in an Organisation, presentation of 5-Star Integrity Leadership (5STIL) Manual for Managers in Ljubljana organized by EISEP, in cooperation with the Managers’ Association of Slovenia (MAS) and supported by the US Embassy in Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia, November 2019

Speaker and panel facilitator at the conference “Implementation of Compliance and Ethics Programs in Business Systems”, Zagreb, Croatia, May 2018


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Poslovni svjetionik menadžerima ali i obavezno štivo za direktore državnih poduzeća

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Knjiga Poslovna etika

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