Whistleblowing Management Systems – ISO 37002


CODUPO Compliance can help you build an effective Whistleblower Management System by Directive (EU) 2019/1937 and other international standards.

We help our clients in the implementation and creation of policies, processes, and procedures, training, and the creation of reports.

We base the assessment of your existing system or the implementation of an entirely new internal reporting system on the best global practices and the ISO 37002 Whistleblowing Management System standard.


What is ISO 37002?

ISO 37002 Whistleblowing Management System is the highest standard for establishing an internal system for reporting irregularities.

ISO 37002 enables organizations to identify, address and prevent irregularities, create and demonstrate ethical management practices and ensure compliance with regulations and organizational requirements.

The standard aims to help organizations establish, maintain and improve internal whistleblowing procedures.

ISO 37002 is intended for organizations of all sizes and all branches of industry.


What are the benefits of implementing ISO 37002?

• Encouraging and facilitating the reporting of irregularities

• Supporting and protecting whistleblowers

• Ensuring appropriate and timely resolution of reports of irregularities

• Improvement of organizational culture and management

Reducing the risk of irregularities


How can CODUPO Compliance help you with ISO 37002?

• Adapt the irregularity reporting system to your culture

• Provide employees with multiple channels for reporting irregularities

• Ensure confidentiality and anonymity

• Build a speak-up culture

• Ensure legal compliance

• Ensure consistent processes of investigation, reporting, control, and audit

• Provide an external anonymous system for reporting irregularities

The implementation of the ISO 37002 Whistleblowing Management System standard contributes to the competitive advantage of your organization!


Implementing the ISO 37301 Compliance Management System standard contributes to your organization’s competitive advantage!


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