The book Business Ethics – a business beacon for managers, but also a must-read for directors!

A must have book for every leader of the modern digital age!

A book that says little about law, and is intended for lawyers and compliance managers
…that says little about psychology, and is intended for HR professionals, coaches and mentors…
…that says little about the economy, and is intended for managers at all levels!!

A must have book for every leader of the modern digital age!


About the book


Today, what makes the difference between good and excellent companies is integrity, a culture of satisfied and engaged employees, transparency and a good reputation.

How to achieve this?

The book explains how business ethics can only help us with that. The main purpose of this book is to show why, where and how to apply ethics and what are the benefits of its implementation. The book provides a detailed overview of Ethics & Compliance Programs and everything that affects business integrity. It also explains what influences (un)ethical decisions and, with the help of behavioral ethics, answers the eternal question: “Why do individuals make unethical decisions despite knowing they are unethical?” The book describes many good and bad examples from practice to make it easier for readers to understand the application of ethics and its benefits in business.

Anyway, this book will help you improve your business results!

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