Compliance Risk Assessment and Management


The goal of the workshop:

Compliance risk assessment is a key step in implementing an effective, proactive, and sustainable compliance program. It helps organizations understand the full range of risk exposure, including the likelihood that the risk may occur, the reasons for its occurrence, and the potential severity of its impact. Effective compliance risk assessment also helps organizations prioritize, map these risks to appropriate risk owners, and efficiently allocate resources to mitigate risks.

This workshop provides practical guidance and, through exercises with real-life examples, equips participants with tools to recognize, identify, analyse, assess, and reduce compliance risks.

For whom is the workshop intended?

Compliance and ethics managers, risk assessment managers, internal and external auditors, legal department managers, and anyone interested in learning how to assess and manage compliance risks.

After attending this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Recognize all compliance risks
  • Assess internal and external factors, identify, analyze, and evaluate risks
  • Develop a risk assessment and priority matrix
  • Prepare a risk reduction plan
  • Integrate the risk reduction plan into the organization’s operational and strategic plans
  • Manage reputational risk


Ljerka Kisić Nikolić

Ljerka Kisić Nikolić is a qualified lawyer currently completing an MBA in Finance and Banking, with a particular emphasis on the topic of information system security.

She serves as the Head of the Compliance Monitoring Function at the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Since 2011, she has been the Ethics Commissioner, and from 2010 to 2020, she held the position of the person responsible for handling reports of irregularities. Ljerka has extensive experience in conducting procedures related to violations of the Code of Conduct and procedures for the protection of dignity.

She is a member of the ICC Commission on Social Responsibility and the Fight against Corruption.

Her areas of specialization include all topics related to the code of conduct, managing personal and institutional conflicts of interest, protecting personal data and business secrets, as well as corporate governance. She particularly considers reputation risk management as an intriguing area of interest.